The Mechanics and Benefits of Laser Marking

Many of today’s products require some form of permanent marking. Lasers, because of their long operational lifespan, low maintenance requirements, and relatively minor costs, are quickly becoming the preferred marking method in industrial applications. As the government’s regulations on the disposal of traditional materials such as acids and inks become stricter, companies are searching for eco-friendly, easy marking methods. Below, readers can learn about the mechanics and benefits of laser marking.

A Few Benefits of Laser Marking on Various Materials

Laser marking, as seen at, has numerous benefits as shown here.

  • It doesn’t change the part’s integrity

  • It produces a permanent, high-contrast mark

  • The machine itself requires little to no maintenance

  • It can be used from almost any Windows software

  • It’s simple enough for anyone in the company to use

CO2 Lasers Offer Easier Metal Marking

No-contact CO2 laser machines are a good way to permanently mark a range of metal products. While conventional metal engraving removes some of the product, compromising its strength and structural integrity, a laser mark is on the surface of the metal. Wherever the laser’s beam hits the special marking spray, a chemical reaction causes the spray to bond to the metal, creating an indelible mark. Whether a user needs to mark a single part or thousands, the speed and affordability of a laser marking machine can’t be matched. CO2 laser systems are more versatile than other options because they can be used on leather, acrylic, wood, and other non-metal materials.

The Benefits of Marking With a CO2 Laser

  • Low cost of marking machinery

  • Production of extremely high-contrast markings

  • It does not change the tolerance of the product because none of the material is taken away

  • It can be used from almost any machine running Windows software

  • It’s simple and easy to use

Laser marking machines can, as shown above, be used on a variety of product types. These machines have very low maintenance requirements, and they can offer years of reliable service. Whether a user is just starting out or they’ve been an engraver for years, a laser marking machine can provide great results at a relatively low cost.…

What Can Screen Printing Companies Expect From Shop Software?

In Florida, screen printing companies acquire more advanced information systems to manage their business operations. This includes managing and updating the workflow and managing requirements for designs. The following are details about what screen printing companies expect from shop software.

Reviewing the Size Matrix

The projects are entered into information system based on the exact requirements. The size matrix presents the workers with information such as the size of the mesh that should be used and the colors requested by the client. They receive size requirements for apparel as well as the total count for each size. The size of the images is also identified through this matrix. These details explain the exact requirements for each project. The system presents the workers with prompts based on the information presented.

Storage for All Designs and Projects

As orders are received, a file is created for the client. This includes the exact design and description of their project. These details are stored for future use. This makes it easier to fulfill the requirements of the project at a later time. This allows the managers to add these saved files and requirements into the workflow. These features prevent any unwanted delays that could affect the delivery of the project to the client.

Reviewing Price Control

The information system shows the exact cost of each project for the screen printing company. This includes an itemized list of all supplies based on their unit price. It also includes a price for the client based on the quantity of their order and any requests that affect the overall price.

These features enable the company to provide more competitive pricing for their clients. They also present the company with a calculated value for their profits associated with each project completed. This enables them to make sound decisions about the feasibility of incoming projects.

In Florida, screen printing companies explore choices for information systems updates. These updates present them with features that could improve the way their company operates. They can also present them with features that lower their costs and present them with better product options. Screen printing companies that want to acquire this beneficial software contact a consultant right away.…