How Does Screen Printing Software Help With Product Designs?

In Florida, screen printing companies must manage designs for client projects. These designs could arrive with the order. However, in some instances, graphic designers who work for the printing company create the designs for the clients. The company may also utilize designs that are acquired online legally. The following is a review of how screen printing software helps with project designs for clients.

Acquiring Designs from the Internet

The company may utilize designs that were found online for these projects. However, they must assess details about the designs to stay within the parameters of the law. Once they have addressed all legalities associated with the images, they can upload them into their information system. These designs are added to the workflow whenever these specific designs are requested.

Uploading New Designs from the Art Department

Screen printing companies often utilize the services of an art department. The art department presents clients with unique designs that were produced by their own artists. When companies want a fresh new image for their company or for a specific service, these artists present them with an image based on their requests. The system enables the artists to submit these images to clients electronically for approval.

Modifying Existing Designs Used Previously

Clients may also submit requests for modifications for their existing designs. They can submit these requests via the system through email. These requests are often transferred to the art department to achieve these requirements. With a faster transfer of information, the project is completed according to the requested changes.

The Acquisition of Protected Logos

The client must provide permission for the transfer of any trademarked logos. They must sign forms to provide permission to use the logo for their projects only. The screen printing company may legally save the logo in their database. This allows easy access for when the owner requests an additional project.

In Florida, screen printing companies provide a variety of graphic design and original artwork for clients. These images are used to create a multitude of products that include but aren’t limited to t-shirts, hoodies, workout gear, and totes. Companies that want to acquire this software to improve their product designs contact a consultant right now.

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