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Here Are Different Kinds Of DIY Carpet Cleaning Methods

There are actually different kinds of carpet cleaning methods and they are the shampooing carpet cleaning method, bonnet carpet cleaning method, dry carpet cleaning method and many more. There are methods that will be suitable for commercial establishments and for residential houses.

Below are the types of carpet cleaning method:

A. Shampooing carpet cleaning method
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This method is perfect for light weight carpets. In this method, they will apply a special detergent on the top part of the carpet and then scrub it for a little while and the last step would be to vacuum it.
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The special detergent has deodorizers and brighteners and this is why the carpet smells really good and looks more brighter. This method cannot completely clear dirt that is in the carpet.

B. Dry carpet cleaning method

This method is a bit the same with the shampooing method. A lot of home owners prefer this method because they do not need to wait for their carpet to dry. They do not use liquid products in the dry carpet cleaning method. In this method they make use of specialized powder that can attract the dirt that is in the carpet. After the powder spreads throughout the carpet they will make use of a vacuum cleaner.

C. Foam carpet cleaning method

The foam carpet cleaning method has the same process as the dry carpet cleaning method, but in this method they still need to make use water and foam detergent. Both methods can clean only the top third part of the carpet. However, the disadvantage of this method is that it cannot clean heavily stained carpets.

D. Bonnet carpet cleaning method

This method is mostly used in cleaning the carpets of an commercial establishment or industrial building. This method can damage carpets that are used in houses. They use a rotary shampoo machine and chemical detergent on this method. To remove the dirt, they will put an absorbent pad on the machine.

E. Hot water extraction method

This method is also called the steam carpet cleaning method. They make use of a machine that will release detergent and super hot water to the carpet. The carpet will really be clean after this carpet cleaning method. This cleaning method can remove different kinds of stains, bacteria, soil and dirt that are in the carpet. This kind of cleaning method should be done by a trained professional.

Now, that you know the different kinds of carpet cleaning methods, the next thing that you need to do is to find a reliable carpet cleaning company.

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