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Why you Should Sell Your Extra Testing Strips Most of the diabetic people have the testing kits so that they can monitor the sugar levels. The diabetic people are supplied with several different testing kits and because they cannot use all them, some may turn out to be abandoned. The testing strips can expire fast because their shelf life is very short. This is not right because you will be losing, but you now have an option of reselling the extra strips and instead of losing money you can make some profit. Keep the containers well, and do not open them and then you can sell them before the expiry date to retain your money. Reselling the extra testing strips is the best option instead of waiting until they expire and then throwing them away, which is not right. Send the package together with your name written on it and your home address and within some few days you can get your cheque. The process of reselling the test strips is easy. Many people cannot afford the testing strips as they are expensive and therefore by reselling you enable another person to have one to use. Do not resend broken or bent testing strips. Ensure that the boxes are not crushed, and they have to be well labeled. Send before the expiry set date so that they can be expected. If the testing strips expire in under the 90 days then there will be no payment for this. The strips have a demand as there are people who cannot manage to buy or get them, sell to the charitable organizations and so people of good will can purchase them and give them to these organizations. The brands will also set the cost of how the testing kits will be sold. The kits will always be available as diabetes is a condition that usually requires constant monitoring, and therefore the kits will be supplied regularly. The other reason why you can have extra strips is that they come in different brands. The diabetic people can buy a different brand and do a tryout on the one that will work best for them and in the process they can have extra diabetes test strips, which they can sell after identifying the right one. Some people are low-income earners, and they cannot afford to get the strips so that they can test their sugar levels as they are expensive. you can be able to participate by reselling the testing strips to the organizations that support them at an affordable price. Also note that as long as you are the legal owner of the testing strips it is legal to sell them as it is allowed.Getting To The Point – Sales

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