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How to Market Accounting Services

Even accounting firms need to grow to remain in business. Growth is achieved if these three things are also in the right places. These three things are no secret and they simply your brand, your existing and future clients and your strategic marketing plans. Unfortunately, not all firms are keen on cpa marketing. One needs to stand out to be recognized and attracted more clients.

Marketing for CPAs is not a mystery but rather an effort that can be summarized into 5 ways. And regardless of what strategy you implement, you need to be serious about it to make it work.

Someone needs to take the lead in marketing the firm and it isn’t someone who is an accountant rather it is someone who is dedicated only to do the task of marketing. You may give suggestions as to where, how and what clients you want to reach, but the actual work should be done by your marketing team. This does not suggest that you hire a senior marketing manager right then and there. Instead, you can work with a marketing coordinator, which a good move for smaller firms. The extent of growth that you want to happen with your firm will help you decide whether to hire a dedicated person or a team to dedicate on CPA marketing strategies.
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paying your existing clients a visit is actually another way of doing marketing for your firm. The good relationship between you and your clients should never be neglected no matter what. Are you adding valuable service every time you meet your client? This is crucial because if clients are satisfied with your service, they will likely refer you to their partners.
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Third, an accounting firm can put a good referral strategy in place. This strategy is related to the one mentioned above. You greatest referral source is your present number of clients. If they like the way you do business they will bring in referrals.

Next, if your firm can afford it, you can organized events. If you want to go this route, your marketing coordinator should take full charge. The downside is that nowadays people may be too busy to travel to certain venue so bringing people to your event may be a bit hard. Instead you can hold a webinar which is more convenient for your target audience.

And lastly, form allies in the industry. Build a network in which your brand can flourish. Besides your existing clients, referrals can also come from business partners.

Each accounting firm is different from the other. One method may be helpful to one firm but not the other. Choose the methods, at least two that will be of greatest help with your firm.

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