Why is Search Engine Optimization Crucial to Business Success

Google has largely changed from a search engine to a response engine. Today, numerous offers in specific directories and search portals are more easily found than in Google. So, Amazon has established itself as the quasi-standard for products. If you search for a product on Amazon, you usually buy it there. As a result, customers are significantly better converted in these types of specialized portals. Knowing what search engine optimization is could make a huge difference in whether a business succeeds or not.

In addition to a proper placement in Google, it is also increasingly important to present certain offers in directories. And for local and regional companies, entries have become increasingly important in recent years. Already, over 50% of Google search queries are from mobile devices. As a pioneer of visibility management, an SEO profession should constantly work on issues like:

  • What happens outside of Google, for example, with company entries?
  • How does a customer who is driving with Google navigation find a particular office or shop?
  • How can businesses manage to place seasonal offers where potential customers can see them?

Local information is not synchronized on the Internet. The result ends in numerous duplicates and incorrect entries over various apps, entry services, and directories. 6% of the entries (opening and closing times, site directions or seasonal offers) are changed monthly. 20% of the local search queries lead to incorrect information (incorrect telephone number, incorrect opening times – in the worst case even no entry). 50% of the local search queries are made via mobile devices. Customers use many different sources, and it’s not just about Google, when looking for local information. It is, therefore, important for companies to be represented wherever possible.

SEO is not just a growth market, but it now belongs to the (online) marketing mix of a serious company. Unfortunately, everyone who understands the topic of “Online Marketing” sees “search engine optimization” as something different. This means that their way of thinking starts with optimizing the search engines in order to find their own site better than before. However, search engine optimization is the best way to optimize one’s website.

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