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Home Electrical System Maintenance Tips

The electrical system in your home can be one of the most neglected and misused because it is often taken for granted. Many homeowners will only think of maintenance on this system when something goes wrong or when conducting a home inspection, but there are a couple of things that you can do today which can save you and your home.

Know the Signs of Trouble

Some common signs of electrical trouble include flickering lights, sparking or shocking at your outlets, or wall sockets that are warm to the touch. When you see these signs, it is a good idea to call in a professional for electrical troubleshooting Philadelphia PA services. Some other signs of trouble include fuses or breakers which are frequently blown and running too many extension cords. Consistently trying to draw more power from your system than it was designed to take, by having too many full or over-full power-strips or by using multiple high-draw appliances on the same circuit, can lead to fires and electrical shocks.

Keep Panels Clear

One of the easiest maintenance tasks you can do is to make sure that your electrical panels are well-kept. This means that there are at least three feet of clearance around the panel and that the room where your panel is located is as free of dust and debris as possible. It is also a good idea to keep your panel from getting too hot by monitoring the temperature in the room and limiting the number of heat-producing items from the space. Taking a dust rag to your panel regularly can limit the buildup of dirt and grime and reduce your chances of an electrical fire.

Your home electrical system is important to the way you live life and may be responsible for everything from running the HVAC system to charging your cellular phone. Keeping this system healthy and well-maintained means keeping the electrical access panel accessible and dust-free, being careful of how many devices you have running at once and knowing which signs need professional troubleshooting.…

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4 Things About Revit MEP That May Surprise You

4 Things About Revit MEP That May Surprise You

The consolidation of construction information and geometry in the 1990s into a data-rich model known as Revit was created with consideration for architects. This filled the need to fully represent the plumbing, mechanical and electrical industries in software. Autodesk Revit MEP joins together design firms, contractors, and MEP engineers with content libraries and functionality. Even those who use the software may be surprised to learn some of the following facts.

What’s in a Name?

If you attend Revit MEP software training Miami or another training, one of the first things that may be revealed is that Revit stands for REVise-InsT. This is related to the parametric nature of the software, which focuses on relationships between drawings, parts, assembly, and features and instantly updates the rest of the model whenever one thing is changed.  Revit MEP software training MiamiIn addition, each adjustment is reflected in some other linked information located downstream.

Create Exact Models

Creating precise digitization of the project before the commencement of construction is another fact that may be surprising. The software also allows for the creation of as-built models that are presented after construction is completed.

Flexibility is Key

Another truth about Revit MEP has to do with plugins. They allow users to make the software more flexible during the creation process when models have specific needs and specifications. While they enable users to tailor their use of the software, the more than 140 plug-ins can sometimes conflict with other apps.

Three-Dimensions at Play

Users can control engineering and design in a three-dimensional digital environment through coordination in Revit. Being able to view a project in 3D before finalizing plans or beginning construction is invaluable. Among other things, this can help identify conflict and other issues early in the life of a design model.

Revit MEP is a software program used by professionals in the design and building industries. Although its use continues to increase among those in the industry, these facts may still be surprising to many.…