Aftermarket Halo & LED Projector Headlights Information

By lexutor Nov 19, 2022

Aftermarket Halo & LED Projector Headlights Information

Aftermarket projector headlights are favored by car enthusiasts as the number one first modification on their vehicle. The reason is because most car manufacturer do not come equipped with projectors and it usually available in regular reflective headlights. Also, aftermarket headlights feature custom styling with Halo (Angel Eyes) and LED lighting. Aftermarket projector headlights are popular by providing a distinctive look and custom styling that matches your car or truck nicely.

Many aftermarket projector headlights is available in different style and housing color that you can choose from. Two of the most popular and favorite housing is chrome or black. The chrome housing projector headlights give the overall vehicle a different look adding the shining chrome feel to the touch of the headlights. In another hand, the black housing projector headlights are more popular in Japanese cars and trucks because of the JDM look that is not available in the US market from the car manufacturer.

Majority of aftermarket projector headlights require some modification to your vehicle headlights harness to work with the built-in Halo Rings and LED. You will need to splice wires with the low beam or parking lights to lead power to lights up the Halo Ring or LED. Moreover, if one have no experience or knowledge with automotive electrical system. We highly recommend profession install the headlights for you.

Here are some tips how to install a set of aftermarket projector headlights if you decide to install the headlights yourself. You will need to locate the two separate exposed halo wires, usually comes in two different colors. One of the wires is ground that usually comes in black or white. After you locate the power and ground wires from the Halo, you will need to splices each wire with the parking lights harness that are shown below. You splice the wire with the parking lights because you want the Halo to light up with the parking lights, and it will also lights up when you turn on the low beam.

We also recommend using a wire clamp or tap similar to the photos shown below. This is a easiest, safer, and most secure way to attach two wires together.

You will then test the light to ensure they work properly by turning on your parking lights which will also lights up the Halo Rings. If the Halo Ring does not light up, you will need to double check the wiring if you have connected it incorrectly.

By lexutor

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