Buying and Selling in the Mobile Age

By lexutor Feb28,2017

In today’s digital world, most of us use a smartphone for various tasks. From watching funny videos, sharing our inner most thoughts on social media, and even paying on an online retailer store for that ugly Christmas sweater you simply couldn’t live without this holiday season. Buying and selling a variety of items online both digital and physical has become the norm for most people nowadays. And with technology advancing at such a fast rate, their will be even more ways for people to pay for the things that they want online.

A New Way to Pay

Mobile banking, mobile shopping and mobile game payment software solutions are just some of the exciting methods we have at our fingertips. All simply by using an app or visiting a website on our mobile phone or tablet device. According to a Wikipedia article on mobile payment, investment for mobile currency services will see a 22% increase worldwide over the next two years. And the New York Times states that e-commerce companies like PayPal have much improved their mobile payment services in recent years to compete with the industry leader money wallet.

Pay to Play with More Content

For those who enjoy passing the time playing games on their phone also have a choice to pay for more on the go. Whether you want to beef up your base and just don’t all have the necessary materials, or you want to unlock that ultra-powerful character now, but don’t have enough in game coins, exchanging real money for in game currency has gained much popularity. Being able to withdraw funds from your credit or debit card via Google Play Store or Apple App Store to purchase items for your mobile game can be a double-edged sword.
This, much like online shoe shopping is a great convenience. You can look at the product and read customer reviews to see if your getting good quality for your money. The bad part is that it can be quite addicting and can even lead you into the pit of debt if you’re not careful. No matter how awesome it would be to own a PS4, X-Box One and Nintendo Switch, you don’t have to buy all three at the same time. Pace yourself.

Mobile Pay is Here to Stay

Being able to go shopping while in your PJ’s while half-watching reruns of your favorite crime drama has become the new way of purchasing goods for many. Electronics, jewelry, cloths and even groceries can be bought online via a popular mobile application or website. People love the ease of being able to save your payment information for your next visit to their favorite online retail store. It may be a quick and convenient to pay, but we also should tread with caution. People across the globe get their online accounts hacked so it’s important to follow these two basic steps after your done purchasing anything online: Use a strong password containing at least one capital letter, a number and a symbol. Always log out after your done making an online transaction of any kind. Following these steps will save you a lot of headaches. One thing is for certain, with increasing numbers each year reaching into the billions, mobile payment is here to stay for many years to come.

By lexutor

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