Different Types Of Projector Screen Material

By lexutor Jan12,2022

Different Types Of Projector Screen Material

Projectors are used for many reasons and there are many different types of surfaces that their screens can be made of. These surfaces all have different benefits and downsides. This article will discuss a few of the more common types of projector screen material that are available and the benefits of each of them.

Matt white surfaces are the cheapest and the most versatile surface that is available. They can show the images clearly and there is no risk of hotspotting. This means that the image clarity will be the same all over the screen. They have a wide viewing area which allows for a larger audience to view them. It is necessary to control the lighting with this material when it is in use.

A high-contrast grey surface will enhance the blacks while maintaining the quality of lighter colors. It has a high resolution image and a 180 degree viewing area. You will need to control the ambient light with this surface as well.

Optical materials enhance and focus the image. They are capable of absorbing light from the surrounding lights so that the colors are brighter. They can function in any type of ambient light and can increase the contrast of projected images. These tend to be much more expensive than the other materials.

High gain materials will create a brighter and more impressive image. They are prone to hotspotting and do not have a large viewing area. Only people directly in front of the projection can see the image at its best.

Acoustically transparent materials are great for use with speakers. They are made out of a woven or diffused material that has a lot of holes in it. This allows the user to place a speaker behind it without the sound be altered or diminished. It is typically used in home theater systems or other theater systems.

There are many different of projector screen materials, just know what you want and you will be able to find one to suit your needs.

By lexutor

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