Macintosh Laptops – Apple MacBook Air

By lexutor May15,2022

Macintosh Laptops – Apple MacBook Air

This would have to be the best looking laptop computer around. It’s just gorgeous. But is it just a fashion accessory or is it also a working computer. The answer is YES. This ultra thin smokin’ cool aluminium shelled wonder is in fact a solid business computer with excellent multimedia potential. It’s all the things a ultra portable laptop should be.

The MacBook Air uses a 1.3 GHz Processor with a minimum of 2GB of RAM memory and 120 Gig hard drive available, making this a very capable unit. There are many positive aspects to owning one of these computers including the great battery life to the MacBook Air which is anywhere up to 260 minutes, the easy to use snow leopard operating system, its compatibility with other apple products including the iPhone, iPod and soon to be available iPad. The Macbook Air weighs in at a tiny 1.3 kilograms.

Will the IPad replace this computer. I don’t think so. These two products do serve different purposes, with a number of different technological and design limitations that allow both to have a specific market. The IPad will be more suited to internet and multimedia applications with little word processing applications whereas the MacBook Air is basically an ultra portable business based laptop computer.

The MacBook Air portability does come at a cost, this being it does not have a optical drive (DVD,CD player). However there is the Apple MacBook Air External Superdrive which is a DVD/CD Writer which is connected via USB. All in all a very small sacrifice for the great portability of this unit.

If you can’t live without some form of windows, there is Bootcamp which is already available on the Macintosh laptop. This allows you to go into Windows upon booting up the system. Personally I wouldn’t do this as it will impact on the effectiveness of the processor and really if you need windows than maybe the MacBook or MacBook Pro is a better option.

The Mac Book Air comes in as a 13″ unit. Overall the MacBook Air is and excellent ultra-lite laptop computer which is keenly priced and is really a unique product in the computer market place.

By lexutor

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