Materials Used in Aerospace Manufacturing

By lexutor Mar31,2022

At the heart of aerospace manufacturing are aluminum, titanium, and steel. These metals have excellent properties for manufacturing. For example, titanium is a highly light metal. Still, it’s also the strongest, making it perfect for use in aerospace applications such as aircraft and rockets due to its strength-to-weight ratio. It is also non-magnetic, has excellent corrosion resistance and stability, and it’s highly resistant to heat.


Airbus uses titanium extensively in their aircraft due to its excellent corrosion resistance, strength, and overall durability, and aircraft manufacturers also use it. The A380 aircraft has 200 tonnes of titanium in its construction. In addition, because titanium has anti-corrosion properties, it is highly desirable for other industries, including medical devices and building construction, performing well under variable temperatures.

Use of Aluminium

The aerospace industry also uses aluminum. It is the most used metal globally for primary structural applications and is used for many applications and products. For example, aircraft have a very high percentage of aluminum in their body construction, plus the wings are made from 10 tonnes of aluminum. It’s lightweight, inexpensive, strong, and has high corrosion resistance.

The demand for these metals from aerospace manufacturers is constantly increasing. The global aerospace requirements for aluminum, steel, and titanium are likely to rise. In addition, this means there will be an increase in investment in new facilities such as smelting plants and trade of metals between countries, including an increase in imports and exports.

The Future of Aerospace Manufacturing

Aerospace manufacturing has been expanding lately, creating unique innovations and job opportunities for people interested in this particular industry. Aerospace has been a booming industry for years, and it is continuously growing because of the need for aircraft and spacecraft. These vehicles are not just used for recreation; they are often used for exploration, defense, and military purposes. The reliability and strength of aerospace products have made them necessary today, which is why aerospace manufacturing has been expanding to satisfy the demand for these products.

By lexutor

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