Miniature Projector Will Have a Large Market in the Future

By lexutor Aug30,2022

Miniature Projector Will Have a Large Market in the Future

With the rapid development of the projector industry in recent years, the utilization of the device will not rest content with the education, business and government procurement area. The role that the high definition projector plays in family consumption industry will be more and more important. The portable projector was released in 2005, but it was not popular in the market until 2008, because the technology is not mature enough. Meanwhile, the 3M Company firstly declared the birth of miniature projector, bringing great influence to the related industry. Compared with other electric apparatus, the annual sales amount of projector is lower. The born of miniature projector can make the distance between projectors and other electric apparatus closer.

Applications of miniature projector has implemented in different areas since it was released in 2008. Many manufacturers invest capital on the technology improvement of its key components, while the market and technology is becoming more mature nowadays. According to the prediction of different market research, the output of the new device will increase by two hundred percent in future five years. The shipments of miniature projector will reach more than three million, becoming a main branch of the projector industry.

Being the main components of the device, the light sources and screen has developed rapidly in recent years. On one hand, with the popularization of LED, its effective has improved so much. The luminescence efficiency of the new device is higher accordingly; the price will be lower, which will make the new device more competitive. On the other hand, the image resolution is also improved. Both of the two technologies are with large scale, and will promote the entire market with their own development.

Sharing is the main purpose of the device since the projector was invented. Compared with the traditional device, the advantages of miniature projector are portable and sharing. All the portable devices are equipped with the liquid crystal display screen, such as the MP3 and DVD. Although the projector is portable, the limitation of the size makes it hard to do more improvements on sharing. The miniature projector will connect the portability and sharing perfectly. When it comes to the application, the miniature projector can be divided into embedded application and single miniature application. The embedded device is often utilized in the phone or other devices, while the single miniature is used as the accessory of the handheld device. The related integrated circuit of miniature projector is TLC116.

By lexutor

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