NCBC 888 Mobile Phone With Pico Projector – Specs, Pros, Cons and Review

By lexutor Oct24,2022

NCBC 888 Mobile Phone With Pico Projector – Specs, Pros, Cons and Review

Pico projector built into phones are still a relatively new idea in the world of mobile phones, and the NCBC 888 is banking on that fact to garner your interest. So does it have anything more than that? Let’s take a look at what this little phone has to offer.

Taken without its projector, the NCBC 888 is in all honesty a bit lackluster without any defining hooks or must have features. Luckily for the makers though, one isintegrated, and it actually a pretty good one on top of that, meaning it at least deserves a curious lookover. Now if only it had been designed to look little more sexy.

To get a general feel for what the NCBC 888 is like and what it can do, here are some specs to look at.

The projector built into the phone includes a manual focus lens, has 640×480 resolution, and is 2 LUX. The phone comes with unlocked access to any GSM quad band network worldwide.

It is built with dual SIM ports which allows two SIM cards to be used at the same time. It is constructed from Polycarbonate plastic in the front, with the back panel being faux leather.

– The screen size measures 2.4 inches, has a resolution of 240×320, and is constructed from TFT.

– Weight for this model is 130 gm.

– Measurements for the phone are 117x49x17mm (length x width x height).

– Internet is accessible by GPRS and WAP 2.0.

– All functions are done wither using touchscreen or keypad control.

– Typically, the battery life for standard use will average about 40 to 60 hours, but in projector mode that will be reduced to 3-5 hours.

– Phone users can add more games and programs to the phone using the built in java platform.

– Extras include: a camera, a camcorder, an eBook reader, an analog TV receiver, a FM radio, and a MP3 player and MP4 player.

So after testing the NCBC 888 out, here are my thoughts on the main pros and cons:


Though not HD, the pico projector is actually quite good when you consider it is built into a phone. Being the first quad band projector phone, the NCBC 888 can be bought and used anywhere in the world. Being a mini projector, you would think it would cost a whole lot more than it does (which is very cheap actually). How many people can say they have a projector in their phone?


Three words: It’s pretty ugly. Very annoyingly, you have to hold the phone to its side when you use the projector mode which makes phone navigation a pain. It is a huge inconvenience to have to navigate to a sub menu to access the projector mode, as a one touch button would have made much more sense.

If you don’t pay attention to the admittedly noticeable flaws, the NCBC 888 really does work well as a phone with a pico projector and has a price that is about as low as you are going to see any time soon.

Price. US $172.25

By lexutor

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