NionCom Announces Introduction of the MemoryKick Vision Tablet With an Embedded Projector

By lexutor Apr 4, 2022

NionCom Announces Introduction of the MemoryKick Vision Tablet With an Embedded Projector

Today, NionCom announces the official introduction of the MemoryKickA� VisionA� tablet, a device for media management, business productivity, and gaming applications. The VisionA� tablet is an extension of the MicroVision ArrowA� mini-tablet shown at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in early-January. They both share many components and features.

The MemoryKickA� VisionA� is designed to be the ultimate productivity tool. A user can load all their business documents (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ImageAMMOA�), photos, and videos on one device for use anywhere. Files can be rapidly transferred between several storage locations. The VisionA� has the capacity to store hundreds of hours of video due to the fact that it has a 500GB to 1TB hard drive, depending on the configuration. In either case, this is remarkably more storage than can be found on devices such as the iPad and the like. These competing devices use very costly flash memory, limiting them to about 64GB of storage or less – barely enough to store a couple HD-quality movies.

The MemoryKickA� VisionA� allows easy connectivity to a television via its HDMI port. Not only can a user watch stored video and photos, but the entire operating system. This means that surfing the internet, gaming, and any apps can all be experienced on a large screen. This is a feature unique to the VisionA� tablet. Other tablets and mobile phones simply can’t do this.

A generous 4.3″ capacitive touch screen allows for easy management of files, browsing the internet, gaming, and access to many unique applications. The VisionA� tablet also includes applications for streaming live television content through Wi-Fi connectivity. Even VOIP-based phone calls can be made on the device. In addition, an embedded laser projector provides the flexibility for viewing content anywhere – with no need to focus. Whatever is being displayed on the screen can be projected for a large, immersive experience. The VisionA� tablet packs all the functionality of a laptop – and more – into a small, ultra-portable device.

High Level Specs:

Android 2.2 operating system

5MP Camera / 720p Video Record (Shoot & Project Anytime, Anywhere!)

Embedded laser pico projector (with PicoP technology by MicroVision)

HDMI Out: 1080p (play all your digital movies and videos)

HDMI In 720p (connect and project from a computer, iPod, or Android device)

Bluetooth to connect Bluetooth speakers, keyboard, and mouse




HDD with capacities of up to 1TB

Multi-Memory Transfer capability between the HDD, Micro-SD, SD, and USB)

Interactive Touch Projection

Dimensions: Length: 142mm; Width 78mm; Height 27mm

Difference between ArrowA� mini-tablet and the VisionA�:

ArrowA�: 3.5 inch 800 x 480 Full View Angle Screen, 4GB Internal Flash Memory; with Micro-SD Card, USB with multi-transfer capability

VisionA�: 4.3 inch 800 x 480 Full View Angle Screen, 500GB 2.5 inch HDD; with Micro-SD, SD, and USB insert and multi-transfer capabilities.

Anthony Link, CEO of NionCom states that the inspiration for the VisionA� tablet came as the result of a discussion he had with a customer. The customer suggested that it would be nice to have a built-in projector to view content in a larger format. Immediately seeing the potential of the concept, NionCom surveyed the various technologies for projecting from a small device. After familiarizing themselves with the available options, they decided on MicroVision’s PicoP technology, where a single mirror and three lasers create the images by “painting” each pixel in a raster-scan pattern. In his own words, Anthony states that “MicroVision has the best technology” for what they are trying to accomplish – projecting beautiful images from a compact device with no need to focus. In addition, he stresses the scalability of the PicoP platform. The ability to move to 720p resolution and beyond while also shrinking the display engine is a critical need for future products. None of the competing technologies can achieve higher performance without sacrificing size and power consumption.

As opposed to simply adding a projector to their existing MemoryKickA� Si product, NionCom realized the importance of having unique applications that would take full advantage of a highly-flexible device with capacity for storing lots of data. By partnering with ImageAMMOA� and ThinkFree, for example, NionCom has ensured they could deliver on this goal.

ImageAMMOA� is a unique application. Essentially, it allows users to easily organize, share, and present photos and presentations in a virtual three-dimensional environment. Taking advantage of the embedded projector, users can display their content in a large format and manipulate the sets of images by rotating and interacting with the various shapes. Users can also create their own photo sets (called ‘WRAPPERS’) with ImageAMMOA� and share with others. Anyone can then read the wrappers using the actual ImageAMMOA� app for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch) or the free ImageAMMOA� ‘PLAYER’, available on their site.

Trey Ratcliff, the HDR photographer of and developer of the very impressive 100 CAMERAS IN 1 (his new app for iOS devices on iTunes) has provided ImageAMMOA� with photos that are WRAPPED for your enjoyment. His images have been seen more than 50 million times, ImageAMMOA� is available in a home version for Mac and PC, as well as an Apple iOS app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. ImageAMMOA� will be available for other Android devices as well.

ThinkFree is an office productivity tool that allows users to view and share MS Office files with colleagues. To take it one step further, NionCom worked with ThinkFree to customize the application to enhance the user experience when using an embedded projector. One example of this is allowing users the ability to quickly reverse the color palette on presentations, making text easier to read on the projected slides.

It is unique applications such as these that further differentiates the VisionA� from all other devices on the market.

NionCom didn’t stop there. By working with high-end game developers, the MemoryKickA� VisionA� tablet will have a rich multimedia gaming experience, with high-quality graphics. Even better, these games can be played on a large television or projected up to 100″ for the ultimate immersive experience.

The MemoryKickA� VisionA� tablet is expected to be available in Q2 2011, priced in the mid-$500 range, available worldwide and at prominent retailers in the United States. The VisionA� tablet offers a multitude of unique features that we will describe in follow-up articles. So, stay tuned for more details and photos of the device, coming soon!

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