Popular Uses For the Fixed Projector Screen

Popular Uses For the Fixed Projector Screen

One very popular use for the fixed projector screen is the home theater. More and more people these days are buying projectors and screens to use in their home theater as opposed to buying an LCD television for example. When going this route, many people buy good second-hand or refurbished projectors, which usually work very well. Doing this can really cut back on the costs of setting up a home theater.

While projector screens are very common in classrooms these days normally they are the electric type, which can roll up out of sight when not being used. This option does seem much more realistic for use in the classroom, even though the costs are a little higher for the electric retractable projector screen.

Some businesses and offices have fixed projector screens installed in their meeting rooms. It should be noted though that when using a projector with a screen it is important that the room is very dark. Consequently offices that use these type of projectors do need to also consider adding some type of black-out blind to their windows so that everyone will be able to easily see the presentation.

If your home theater is in a room that is separate from your main living area, then you may want to consider permanently affixing a fixed projector screen. If your living room doubles as your home theater that may not work so well, as aesthetically not everyone likes to have a screen permanently fixed to the wall and a retractable screen may be better in that situation.

There are some cons to using a fixed screen. Most notably, the screen can get dirty or damaged fairly easily as it is down all of the time. If this would not be likely to happen in your situation, and you are fairly certain that the screen will remain in good condition, then it would certainly be quite a bit less expensive for you to use a fixed screen.