Preventative Maintenance for an LCD Projector

By lexutor Nov22,2022

Preventative Maintenance for an LCD Projector

Projectors are not inexpensive – even though they have dropped considerably in price over the past decade, these devices still require a significant investment for a high quality machine. If you’ve chosen to own a projector as opposed to renting projectors on an as-needed basis, here are some tips you need to know in order to keep your unit in top working condition.


Store your projector properly between uses. Ideally, if you’ve invested in a high quality projector, you would be using it at least weekly, in order to justify the high investment cost. But if you find you are not using your equipment quite as often, you would be wise to store it in a case, in order to prevent dust from building up alongside sensitive working parts.

Bulb Replacement

Don’t wait until your bulb blows out to find a replacement. In many cases, you will have to order replacement bulbs online and await their arrival, so you’ll want to have replacements on-hand when the inevitable occurs (otherwise, you’ll pay a fortune in overnight shipping, or run the risk that the bulb you need is out of stock). Replacing a bulb requires a steady, gentle hand, plus the manual for your specific projector unit. How often you will have to change the bulb depends on many factors, including what kind of projector you own, how often you use it, and whether or not it is used for extended periods at a time.


Be sure to read your owner’s manual carefully – removal of certain parts or panels by anyone other than a certified repair specialist may void your warranty. Be forewarned – repairs can be expensive.

Prepare a Plan B

What is your backup plan in case your primary projector is not functioning when it’s time to prepare for your big presentation? A rental projector (from a company who offers guaranteed next-day delivery) may be your best bet for a backup plan. Always test your equipment a day or two in advance, so that you can make any necessary repairs, secure any replacement parts you may not have on-hand, and call in a backup plan if necessary.

For occasional use, renting a projector is often much more affordable and cost-effective than purchasing a unit outright. Whether you need a plan B or it just makes sense financially — renting a projector when and where you need it is the most cost-effective solution for most businesses.

By lexutor

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