Quality Stamped Projector Lamps and Bulbs – An Overview

By lexutor Aug10,2022

Quality Stamped Projector Lamps and Bulbs – An Overview

Once you invest in a projector, you naturally think that you would get years of trouble free service. In a way, this is true but there’s a rider. There is one component inside all projectors that will give you trouble sooner or later, since, in a way, it is a consumable. This component is the projector lamp.

The projector lamp or bulb is not like an ordinary bulb. On the contrary, it’s almost absolutely unlike a normal bulb other than the fact that both the kinds of bulbs give you light, but there the similarity ends. An ordinary bulb creates light by just igniting a coil. However, in the case of it, firstly, there are several parts that are required before you get the light and these are the reflector, the housing, electrical wiring and the bulb.

The projector lamp actually ignites mercury vapour that has been compressed inside a quartz tube. On being switched-on, the electricity jumps across the vapour of mercury and produces light for the image to be seen. Since this process is expensive, projector bulbs are quite costlier as well and that’s why you need to take good care of them. However, when these have outlived their lives, these will generally give you warning and you may notice that the colours have started to fade and the general quality of images would deteriorate. It’s when you need to change it that you should seek out a supplier who will give you quality stamped projector bulbs.

There are leading distributors of projector bulbs for replacement in multimedia projectors. Some of these distributors hold stocks in respect of as many as 6000 DLP and LCD types of projectors. These suppliers would let you buy just the bulb or the entire kit depending on your need and budget. There is also a 90 day “No Questions Asked” warranty. It does not matter whether the bulb stops working after lighting up once or it does not work at all. The return clause is valid in both cases. The method of selecting the bulb of your choice is also simple. Just use the drop down box and opt for the brand of the projector first. Thereafter, you can mention the number of the bulb or the model of the projector in order to place your order. In case of a doubt, there are qualified people on call to give you the right advice.

By lexutor

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