Reasons to Rent a Laptop While Traveling on Business

Reasons to Rent a Laptop While Traveling on Business

Business travelers are increasingly turning to laptop rentals. Airline travel today can be especially troublesome with heightened airport security rules requiring that passengers check in all their luggage. This scenario has seen business professionals, who travel extensively, scrambling for a solution. This is why the notebook rental with Wi-Fi capability has become the most popular option among technology rentals.

Risks of theft or loss

Carrying a laptop on your business travels is associated with a steep risk of both theft and data loss or compromise. While traveling, especially now with the new airport rules in force, you have absolutely no way of knowing who has potential access to your laptop. You run the risk of sensitive business data being accessed by anyone among staff manning your hotel or the airport.

A recent survey revealed the horrifying statistic of over 10,000 laptops being lost every week at airports across the USA. Taking a laptop to any airport is definitely a risky proposition, so it is best to sign up for a notebook rental and have it delivered to you at your destination. It is a very simple solution that provides peace of mind. Further you don’t face the hassle of lugging the laptop all over the place on your travels.

Finally if you do carry your laptop through international borders, there is a possibility of officials seizing and searching it without any notification. This could place any sensitive business data at risk even if encrypted. These are a few of the reasons why most corporate IT companies have now adopted a policy of prohibiting their staff from traveling with company laptops.

Storing information safely

When traveling internationally or even nationally, either on business or for pleasure, you may need to access your computer files on the go. There are several ways to get around this conundrum with modern technology coming to your aid:

A� Carry a thumb drive or an external hard disk and leave your laptop behind. Rent a laptop at your destination.

A� Figure out ways additional ways to store important files in several locations as drives and disks can also get lost or stolen. Use the benefits of storing your data on the “cloud”, which will let you access your data in real time from anywhere and at anytime.

The rental solution for the business traveler

By availing a notebook rental at your destination, you can circumvent these problems altogether and have one piece of luggage less to carry as well. Laptop rentals are ideal, convenient, and are available at reasonable rates. You can have a new, top-end model delivered to your branch office, business convention center, or hotel room anywhere in the world.A laptop with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a host of the latest features can be configured to suit your requirements and delivered to you.

If you are worrying about the cost of a notebook rental, it is surely a small price for peace of mind. Imagine losing or damaging your laptop worth thousands of dollars, the compromise of business data or the loss of precious personal files while traveling. Opt for a rental at the destination of your choice instead of needlessly running these risks.