Samsung I8530 Galaxy Beam: A New HD Projector Mobile Phone

By lexutor Nov27,2022

Samsung I8530 Galaxy Beam: A New HD Projector Mobile Phone

Samsung is a brand known for their innovative mobile phones brings Samsung Galaxy Beam, a device which has in-built HD projector that enables its user to light up and share anything anywhere. The manufacturer added this ultra slim projector mobile phone into their popular Galaxy series handsets, so that they can win millions of hearts again. It’s the best example of technological advancement in the field of communication.

The new Samsung i8530 Galaxy Beam is loaded with power-packed features which enable us to do more and entertain our self. Let’s first talk about its in-built projector. The embedded projector is not an ordinary projector, it’s a HD projector which gives you the freedom to enjoy your mobile content on a big-screen with your family and friends in a fine quality. The Galaxy Beam is gradated to project your stuffs upto 2 meters away and adjust the screen-size upto 50 – as big as your LCD/LED TV’s.

The good thing in Samsung Beam projector phone is its ambience mode support with the help of which user can customize the backgrounds and decorate the scenes instantly to the change the mood by projecting its content including images & videos across the room. But, this is not the limit because it also supports Over head Projector (OHP) to beam your hard copy & even physical objects incarcerated by its primary camera. Now, you don’t have to carry an additional projector for demonstrating your official presentations, if you have Samsung Galaxy Beam in your pocket. Therefore, it’s a nice smartphone for business people.

The powerful performance of i8530 Galaxy Beam can be experienced with its top-grade dual-Core processing unit of 1GHz frequency. The mobile phone offers outstanding performance to its owner every time. They can experience the seamless speed in applications switching, gaming and flawless multimedia with little or no time delay. This device gives you ultra smooth navigation in web-browsing and multimedia playback, since the CPU unit is integrated with the support of dedicated 768MB RAM.

The Samsung Galaxy Beam will definitely revolutionize the whole mobile market and provide an idea to think what we miss in our existing handset. Let’s focus on to the display unit incorporated in this phone. The smartphone is build with a decent 4.0-inch WVGA TFT touchscreen which is comfortable to enjoy multimedia content & readability. Superb resolution and HD graphics convey deep details of pictures moving into the screen. The i8530 model supports 720p video playback @ 30fps.

The form factor of Galaxy Beam is unbeatable with an attractive design and soft rubberized back grip case to provide extra comfort & convenience in handling. Apart from this, the smartphone is fully compatible to connect with other devices which support Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G connections. The days are gone for slow speed internet connections, 3G & 4G technologies are available to move you into lightning fast wirelessly internet speed. Samsung Galaxy Beam supports HSPA technology and brings you into an upgraded network speed @ 14.4Mbps. It increases your downloading & uploading efficiency of data and enables you to bring large files on to your device in a matter of seconds.

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