Several Tips For Making a Home Theater Projector

By lexutor Nov30,2021

Several Tips For Making a Home Theater Projector

The quality home theater will be all about the immersion, a key to which is the large screen that may fill the viewer’s field of the vision. The projector is a first step in creating the media in your room; it will expand the larger than the most big screen and also recreates the theater going experience. But the consumer projector is expensive in purchasing and maintaining. Luckily, it will be possible for you in building the home theater projector on the cheap with the spare LCD computer screen and also overhead transparency projector. Here is more information for you.

For the first step, you should lay your LCD computer monitor face-down on the flat surface. After that, unscrew a back panel of your monitor. You should gently pry off a back panel with a flathead screwdriver. Then, unscrew an inner casing of your monitor. After that, remove the display apparatus of your monitor, your can turn it over and then unscrew an edge that is coverings of your LCD screen.

For the second step, you can carefully lift the screen of the monitor and also connected the input circuit out of the casing. Then, lay a screen face-up on the top of your overhead projector therefore the top edge of a screen will be adjacent to the arm of your overhead projector.

For the last step, superglue a small cooling fan to an edge of your overhead projector therefore it will blow across your LCD screen. After that, plug the supported media player of choice to the input circuit of your LCD screen. Then, plug each component into the electrical outlets in bringing the device online.

By lexutor

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