Top Selling Photo Projectors

By lexutor Jan15,2022

Top Selling Photo Projectors

Projectors have always had a niche in the market in schools, colleges, business environments etc and are seeing a resurgence of interest in the home. Whether you want to view your pictures, movies, etc on a big screen, or through your TV, there is a projector out there to suit your needs. The Viewsonic PJD5122 SVGA DLP projector can be ceiling mounted, placed on a table top or taken on the road. The SVGA resolution supports HD and 2500 lumens are projected for bright and clear images in most lights. As it weighs in at a mere 5.1 pounds it is highly portable which will suit many. Whether you are viewing charts, pictures or video, the technology delivers crystal clear images and true colors. There are 8 preset viewing modes including blackboard, whiteboard and cinema. Fancy watching in 3D? The technology is here and all you need to unlock it is a pair of appropriate glasses. Overall, a neat little projector to suit most needs.

For the budget price of around $40, you can get yourself the EyeClops mini projector. This projects many images such as video games, movies, pictures and television up to 60 inches in size. Fully portable and weighing only 2.5 pounds it is easily portable and can be taken absolutely anywhere. It works with all games consoles, DVD player, ipods, digital cameras and the like. The darker the environment the clearer the image is the norm with projectors, and whether you want to play a game in a tent or watch a movie on your bedroom ceiling, blocking out the daylight will produce a lovely, clear image.

If money is no object and you want a projector that is also a home entertainment system, $1200 will buy you the Epson powerLite home cinema 8350 projector. It would be a lot easier to tell you what this gadget didn’t do, big screen entertainment in your home with 1080p HD clarity is just one of the many features. The Epson name is synonymous with quality products around the globe, and it is easy to see why they have such a good reputation. 2000 lumens of both colored and white light ensure perfect clarity of detail whatever the lighting conditions. This is at the top end of projector market, but you get a helluva lot for your money, and is well worth the investment.

The Optoma HD20 high definition 1080p home theater projector retails at around $1000 and is feature packed. Apart from the HD which it proudly proclaims in it’s name, it is also one of he very few projectors around which operated without replaceable filters, keeping maintenance costs down. The picture quality is the best you can get today, and the stunning vibrancy of the colors has to be seen to be believed. The contrast ratio is of the highest quality to ensure sharp, clear images of text and documents. A true multi media experience can be enjoyed by all with this sleek piece of kit.

A widescreen projector with excellent clarity can be your for less than $400 with the Optoma PK301 Pico pocket projector. The widescreen images can be projected up to 120 inches diagonally, and is rechargeable thus making it truly portable. It has an internal memory of 28 MB to store your files, and a MicroSD slot makes this expandable up to 32 GB. You can view what you want, where you want, and when you want with this projector.

By lexutor

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