Basics of Printing Press Cleaning

By lexutor Jun 29, 2021

Considering how frequently printing presses are used, it’s not surprising that these machines are subject to a lot of wear and tear. Keeping them clean and well-maintained will help to ensure that your print quality is always at its optimum level and may also help to prevent unnecessary damage down the line. This equipment is expensive, but problems can be easily avoided with an ounce of prevention and careful maintenance.

Common Problems

Whether you have problems with dirt, debris, or ink residue, you’ll need an anilox roll cleaner that addresses all of these issues in order to keep your printing rolls in pristine condition. The more buildup that accumulates, the more likely you are to have problems that reduce print quality and lead to expensive repairs. Establishing a stringent cleaning schedule is key to continued quality and functionality, so make sure that all of your rolls are set to be cleaned frequently and on a regular basis.

Choosing a Cleaner

The solution to this problem is simple: choose a cleaning product that is not only highly effective but that has been formulated specifically for keeping printing presses clean and operational. Not all cleaners are created with the same problems in mind, and a reliable printing press cleaner will be able to tackle any of the usual problems that occur with printing rolls. A good anilox roll cleaner will be strong but not abrasive, ensuring that the rolls move smoothly as your printing is conducted.

Remember, the right cleaner will keep your equipment running as desired, but it is also important to remove any residue left over after a cleaning cycle. A good cleaner will make this process quick and easy, and should ensure the highest possible print quality. Cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore, so choose your products carefully!


By lexutor

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