Brink Review

By lexutor Jun 28, 2022

Brink Review

A British gaming developer in 2003 released a free expansion pack for Wolfenstein called Enemy Territory. It was a multi-player version that brought tons of excitement to war veterans the world over.

In 2011 the same company designed a new game called Brink. It has the same class shooter and enemy bashing excitement of Wolfenstein and success once again smiled on the company.

In Brink, you have so many choices when it comes to weapons upgrades and functionality. The variety is endless and the game is a real pleasure to play. The movements of the pieces are smooth and fluid. The controls respond instantly. There are many rewards and things you can collect. The game is generous to a fault.

The mechanics of the game were aesthetically designed to provide visual and emotional appeal to anyone who loves PlayStation 3 games. The real fun is playing multi-player mode, but even in single player mode the player is constantly reminded how much fun he or she is having.

However the gameplay is slightly uninspiring. No matter what level you are at, the fight seems to rush you to an objective and then another and then another. There doesn’t seem to be an endgame. You will constantly run into bottlenecks of enemy fighters and it can cause a lot of frustration. Because there are too many enemies, your skill can’t possibly be of any assistance, as no matter how good you are, you will eventually be outnumbered, and inevitably die under a barrage of gunfire.

This can cause you to lose your enthusiasm for all that fabulous graphics and fantastic cut scenes and beautiful sound track that made you buy the game in the first place. You can play any class you prefer, but soldier class is probably the most rewarding. Health is easily degraded and death is always a certainty. The safest way to win is to play with a team, but then you need to stick to the group. Any deviation or attempts at heroism and you will surely die as the enemy won’t be far off. If you love war games, then grenades, plastic explosives and other detonation devices will appeal to you and using these kinds of weapons does add a lot of ingenuity to the fight scenes.

Unfortunately, there are very few low profile and surgical killings so many people feel duped into buying the game. Many war games of this caliber have become addictive because the players could use their skills to ensure a victory, but in Brink, you don’t have any, and even if you did, they are useless.

So you just move onwards, oblivious to any mindset. You blast your enemies with a powerful shotgun as they approach, and the shotgun is indeed powerful. You can use your machine gun to mow them down. You’ll have other blast and kill weapons in your arsenal, but forget about a snipers rifle, or a carefully aimed bullet at an unsuspecting opponent.

Brink may start off as an exhilarating and refreshing experience, but will leave you sadly disappointed in the end.

By lexutor

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