Setting Up A Home Office

By lexutor Aug5,2020

You are now working from home. How do you make an office space in your home that is both functional and comfortable. There are hundreds of great ideas to make an office space that fits your personality and needs.  Here are two or three ideas to consider.

Pick A Suitable Area

The first step is to pick an area of your home office that is large enough. Consider whether you are more of a minimalist or a person that wants to feel like you are at the regular office.  A home office can be made out of a little corner of a room or it can be take up an entire room.

What Office Items Will You Need?

Determine the essential office items that you will need.  If a laptop is all you need, then a soft chair or small desk may be sufficient. If you like to place your laptop on a surface when you type, choose a coffee table or ottoman that is the right height. This will be more comfortable than if you have to bend over too much to work.  If you need a desktop computer, you will need a desk, and comfortable chair. If you need a printer, locate it nearby for quick and easy access.  If your printer is not in good working order, take it to be serviced by a reputable printer repair Vienna VA service center.


Office lighting is very important. Good lighting not only allows you to see your work, but it also helps save your eyes from getting too tired too quickly. Consider where the lighting sources are. If you cannot read small print comfortably, you may need a desk or floor lamp.  If your desk is by a window, position the desk and computer so that you don’t have glaring window reflections on the computer screen.

Home offices, no matter the size, can be both productive and inviting with careful planning and for little cost.

By lexutor

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