Caring for Stainless Steel Doors and Frames

By lexutor Jan29,2021

Stainless steel is a timeless look for any commercial or industrial building. It’s strong and wears well, yet is also easy to maintain thanks to the layer of chromium oxide that helps ward off corrosion. That said, there is some basic care needed to keep doors looking fresh and clean for the duration of their life cycle.

Routine Cleaning

The stainless steel doors New York has do pick up a fair amount of fingerprints and can accrue some mild stains. These arise from normal use, and they are easy to remove with routine cleaning. All you have to do is take a soft cloth and glass cleaner and wipe with the grain. You can also use sodium carbonate mixed into a paste with water. After wiping down the door or frame, give it a good rinse with some warm water. To ensure you don’t get water spots, wipe with a towel until completely dry. You can also get products specifically formulated for stainless steel, which typically dry more quickly and require a little less work.

Difficult Stains

You may be tempted to break out the steel wool or some sort of brush to remove stubborn spots, but that will result in scratches to the surface. You should also steer clear of cleaning solutions that include chlorine, mineral spirits, acetone or methyl alcohol which can also damage the stainless steel. The trick to removing these blemishes is patience, and you can improve the efficacy of your cleaning solution with a little bit of vinegar. With care and a little bit of time, you should be able to remove any problem spots.

Knowing how simple it is to care for stainless steel doors, you should consider them for any needs you have in your buildings. They come in a variety of designs and that suit any transition between spaces.

By lexutor

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