Guidelines to Enhance the Life Span of Your Projector

By lexutor Feb13,2022

Guidelines to Enhance the Life Span of Your Projector

Video projectors are used in many places like schools and institutions for educational purpose and in offices for business purpose. To make the presentation effective, you should use a good quality projector lamp that helps the audience to get the maximum out of it. Priority should be given for maintaining the projector lamps effectively that will help you to extend its life time, as the initial investment is very high.

The bulb in the projector lamp is same as that of other electric bulbs as they produce heat like other electric bulbs. But the heat generated in projector bulbs is comparatively more than the normal electric bulbs. Hence the possibility of projector bulb getting damaged is more than the electric bulb. There are some important steps which need to be followed effectively that will help your projector lamp to last longer. Below are those tips that will help the projector bulb work effectively for long time.

• Brightness of the projector should be maintained to a minimum level as this will increase the life of the projector bulb and also you should consider the video clarity while reducing the brightness. Keeping the brightness to a minimum will make the projector to consume less power which will minimize the heat generated from the bulb.

• Make sure that the cooling fan in the projector is working effectively. Cooling fan provides the cooling to the bulb and so you should take care that the fan is working properly and effectively. If you feel the fan is not working properly then immediate care should given to make it work properly or replace the cooling fan.

• You should not move the projector when it is in use. When the projector lamp is on the bulb will have maximum heat and the filament in the bulb will get damaged when moved without switching it off. Even after switching off the projector lamp you should wait for some time, allowing the bulb to cool and then only you should move the projector lamp.

• As the filer is responsible for the cooling of the projector lamp it should cleaned regularly. The filter in the projector will not work properly if the filter is covered with dust and hence it should be cleared at regular interval.

• You should keep the projector in a place where the temperature fluctuation is not more. During the operation of the projector the room temperature should not keep on changing which will increase the possibility of bulb getting damaged.

• The room temperature where the projector is placed should be maintained to a minimum level so that the projector temperature does not increase because of the room temperature.

• Don’t switch off the power of the projector lamps immediately after the presentation is over. Projector should be running in ideal mode for some time and switch off the projector so that the bulb will reach the normal temperature.

By lexutor

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