Ideal Screens For Your Home Theater

By lexutor Oct19,2021

Ideal Screens For Your Home Theater

Home theater systems are not only great for viewing a movie in the comfort and convenience of your own home but they are also a great way to catch your favorite sports larger than life. There are many integral components to home theater design one of which is the theater screen. Aiming a projector onto a bare white wall will not produce the theater affect you are hoping for. There are thousands of home theater screens on the market but they all fall in to four basic types:permanent, portable, manual and electric.

Permanent screens generally have a higher price point and do not allow versatility in rearranging or reconfiguring your home theater as they are permanently attached either to the wall or ceiling of your home. They do have advantages though such as the ability to hide the wires and cables and a more finished, professional look and feel.

Portable screens are the most affordable option for home theater screens. Much like the foldable screens that used to be found in classrooms these screens are budget friendly but the trade off is that they are typically smaller in size and do not lend a polished look to your setting.

Manual pull down screens are both flexible and affordable. They can be affixed to either a ceiling or a wall and are available in a wide range of prices and levels of quality. Electric home theater screens leave the most professional impression. Their polished appearance lends to the theater experience. These screens are typically the most expensive and also have the most complex installation as well. After the matter of what type of home theater screen has been decided then you can move on to choosing what material and finish you want for your home theater screen.

It is strongly suggested to first determine what type of projector you will be using first. Screen material and finishes vary widely and should be chosen based not only on budget but also the room in which it will be used. The most common material and finish types are: Matte white which is most economical and most widely used. Slightly silver or grayish has realistic images and is good for rooms that are not able to be completely darkened. Glass beaded reflects more of the image that is being projected and is known for showing bright, vibrant colors. It is also flame retardant, washable and mildew resistant. Flexible polyethylene is flexible yet gives a crisp picture with little distortion and is more expensive than the other screen types available.

Choosing a screen can be easy once you know what to look for.

By lexutor

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