Keeping an Eye on Home While Away from Home

By lexutor Oct 20, 2017

I was watching the local news one day, and a report came out that a burglar was on the loose in an area not too far from home. They have not been identified, but local authorities remain diligent. I’ve been living in Cedar Rapids, IA for only about a year. A relocation I was obligated to make for work.

Within a few months, I had accumulated a good number of items including a gaming console, a big screen television, a computer system, and a media center to only name a few. It never occurred to me, until after I saw that report, that I indeed needed a residential alarm system. I thought about a residential alarm system cedar rapids ia, so I went on the Internet and began my research while starting to make a list of all the features I wanted out of an alarm system. I wanted cameras, of course. I wanted the alarm to sound off so loud that the whole neighborhood can hear it if someone was trying to break in. I wanted to be able to see what was going on at home while I was away. I also wanted to be able to automate the system in case I forget to arm it when I leave for the day. There were quite a few products and companies online. Each having their own unique package and features.


I wanted a company that was reputable. I was not planning on installing a system myself, so that was another thing I had to consider. I wanted a custom package that was suitable for my situation. I live alone and sometimes come home late from work. Other times I’m unable to make it home at all. The house I was renting had ample room for, perhaps, six to eight people. It was a new neighborhood with modern style architecture and tons of picture windows. I suppose I also wanted some type of motion detector as I had no pets. The search went on for about a couple of hours. I started to lose momentum as soon as my stomach started growling. I looked up at the clock, it was time for dinner. I quickly made dinner for myself and rushed back to my computer. I scarfed my dinner down and started to look at videos of reviews for different security alarm companies. I was listening carefully for pricing. I narrowed it to four different companies. I went to each of their websites to ask for an estimate of the total cost and what the system included.


Throughout the span of a week, the companies I contacted came and did a walkthrough of my house. Each of them stating what would be best for every nook and cranny of my home. They went on to tell me what to avoid and how many cameras are sufficient to install, and whether or not I wanted cameras where I can also listen to background noise. They gave me the cost and whether or not it included a monthly subscription to their service for active monitoring and dispatching of local authorities should an incident arise. It took me several weeks to make my final decision, but when I did, it was well worth the money.

By lexutor

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