Opaque Projector – What Exactly is It?

By lexutor Jul17,2022

Opaque Projector – What Exactly is It?

The opaque projector is a relatively old device that is commonly known by many different names including episcope and epidiascope. It is used for the purpose of displaying opaque materials. This is done with the use of a brightly shining lamp that shines light onto the opaque object from above.

Here, it is essential to point out that the projector itself is loaded with a unique network of mirrors, imaging lenses and prisms that are used in combination in order to get the right focus of the image. The object is then displayed on a conventional screen.

The thing you need to understand is that an opaque projector requires bulbs of much greater intensity. This is because they need to project the light that will be reflected off the opaque object. Similarly the lenses embedded in this type of a projector are larger in comparison to overhead projectors.

One of the biggest issues to be mindful of with this type of projector is the level of heat that the high intensity bulbs will be producing. It is important to take care that the heat that is being generated does not cause problems in the reading of the objects and furthermore does not cause any damage.

What are these types of projectors used for? Basically they are used to display the images of drawings, book pages, leaves, mineral specimens and other objects of this nature. Many artists even make use of opaque projectors in order to enlarge small subjects that they wish to draw with utmost detailing. The reflected image can be projected directly onto the canvas or any other drawing surface. Similarly, these projectors can be used during lectures and seminars. Today you will be able to find them in the overhead model as well which adds convenience for users.

By lexutor

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