Optoma HD20 Review

By lexutor Mar 2, 2022

Optoma HD20 Review

If you have been considering purchasing the Optoma HD20 High Definition 1080p DLP Home Theater Projector then you have probably been trying to get the facts straight on this entertainment unit. How does it stack up? is it worth the price? let’s look at some information and then you decide.

The first thing that you will notice is that the back panel has all of the inputs that you need, well labeled and easily accessible. The front in has a very slick design, but more importantly is the quality of the actual projection.

It features the latest DLP technology for superior video quality, and high native contrast ratio, and tru 1080p resolution. Its also extremely quiet when running, which is something that has always ticked me off about a lot of other projectors.

It also has 4000 hours of lamp life which is just excellent, and the picture is truly stunning in a dark setting. The only real downfall is that the blacks aren’t that impressive in low light compared to much more expensive projectors, but this is actually very minor in comparison to the rest of the of the overall picture quality.

If you like Blue-rays or gaming then you won’t be disappointed with how they look through this projector. The remote button is also lit for satisfaction so that you don’t have to fumble around in the dark, which is a very nice subtle touch I think.

The real amazing part is that if you are thinking of purchasing a new TV, you could instead get this unit, grab dish and be more satisfied than your standard flat screen experience.

Its ideal for gaming, HD movies and watching sports.

By lexutor

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