Projector Mounts

By lexutor Nov 5, 2022

Projector Mounts

You can run your projector from any handy table. Some people use a roll-around cart that as a mount for their projectors and for nothing else. You’ve probably been to presentations where the speaker was using a projector and it took almost as long to get the projector situated so the picture could be seen as it did for the speech itself. I usually don’t trust the speaker very much if he/she is no better prepared than that.

Actually, most manufacturers of projectors also make projector mounts although some companies that don’t make projectors also make good projector mounts. If your projector is always used in the same room, a permanent or semi-permanent mount makes life easier. You’ll find that in most boardrooms the projector is permanently mounted. Also, auditoriums where a projector is used frequently will have permanent mounts for their projectors.

Types of Projector Mounts

Ceiling Projector Mounts. These mounts are often used in home theaters and auditoriums. They are usually easy to install as long as there is an anchor in the ceiling. These mounts are sturdy and made to bear a lot of weight. Mounting a projector on the ceiling keeps the projector away from being bumped causing the alignment to become inaccurate. Also, being anchored into the ceiling, the projector is less likely to be stolen.

Wall Mounts. These are easier to install than ceiling mounts, and they have a larger range of height adjustment. Some ceiling mounts can be used as wall mounts based on the mounts pivot point. This can be useful when the ceiling is too high for a ceiling mount. It’s also useful in a boardroom where presentations are frequently made and traffic is constant between the projector and the screen.


Mounts come in a range of prices depending on where you will locate your projector and how complicated the mount, itself, is. For example, a ceiling projector must have long mounting attachments. However, you can find just about any kind of mount you need for under $150.00.

Where to Shop for a Projector Mount

Any store that carries projectors will also carry mounts. However, it’s a good idea to shop online at first to get a feel for costs and varieties. Even an online source usually has a help line, so you can obtain the kind of advice you need to purchase the right mount for your own home theater or your company’s boardroom.

By lexutor

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