Set Up Your Home Theater With a Movie Projector – Part 2

By lexutor Jun 4, 2022

Set Up Your Home Theater With a Movie Projector – Part 2

This article is continued from part 1. Go for higher optical zoom. Digital zoom does not matter. Calculate how much distance you can keep between the screen and the projector and that will decide what type of lens you will need. For a shorter distance, go for the short throw lens and if the projector is at a distance from the screen, choose a long throw lens. In any case, ask the projector dealer to give you a demo in your home. That will give you the best idea. Make sure that your projector has an HDMI input, so that you can connect a blu ray player or your PS3 or such gaming console to it. Most latest projectors in the higher range have the HDMI input even if they are not full-HD. Such are called as HD-ready projectors.

Choosing your screen: Watching on a white screen is always better than watching on a plain white wall. Screens are of 2 types these days – motorized screens which operate via a remote control (they go up and down with a button click) and insta lock screens, which have to operated with your hand. The picture quality is equally good. The only difference is of operation. And yes, the motorized is priced more. Where do I get the sound from? You need to connect your speakers to your dvd player which connects to the projector and that will give you optimum results.

Which company’s projector should I buy? These days, many companies are selling home multimedia specific projectors just for home theater use. Check those out. Good companies include Panasonic, Optoma, Sony, Nec, Canon, Dell, Acer, Epson, etc. Read reviews by searching for company name followed by model name on any search engine. There are sites where you can compare two models feature by feature. Try those two. We hope these two articles will help you set up your home theater projector system. Buy some good recliners and enjoy a movie at home.

By lexutor

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