Some Easy Steps to Build an Overhead Projector

By lexutor Apr 9, 2022

Some Easy Steps to Build an Overhead Projector

The use of overhead projector is really booming because it is seen as the right way to present anything related to the information in your field. It means that this unit is the right multimedia that will be important to support the process of presentation so you can take benefits from it. If you are interested in building this unit, it is important for you to check this article out that gives better information on how to create it for you.

1. The first step you need to consider is to measure the dimensions of the overhead projector. Before you have to gain the right monitor for your needs, it is important for you to know the proper size that will be fitted with your needs so you can be sure that it will work well for you. In fact, you must understand that the width of the projector will be functional to determine the length of the monitor so you must know well.

2. The second step in building this unit is to gain the right size of monitor that will be suitable with your needs. Also, you must know that there are 4 screws connected into the base that must be removed. Also, you must split the monitor from the back with the use of some type of plastic tool around the edges of it.

3. The next step you have to know in this process is to create the cables of LVDS longer. These cables are made to connect the monitor to the circuit board and will make you sure that the monitor is able to work properly. Those would be in the way of the projector so you must make them longer by.5mm.

4. Also, you can create the frame for the screen with wood. In this case, you just need to measure out the wood and attach it with using the Gaffer tape.

By lexutor

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