Speed Up Computer Speed and Performance Without Spending a Cent in Costly Upgrades!

By lexutor May 2, 2022

Speed Up Computer Speed and Performance Without Spending a Cent in Costly Upgrades!

In this article I will provide 3 effective ways you can accelerate your computer speed and performance without spending a cent in costly hardware upgrades.

Studies suggest that 74 percent of world machines (PC and laptops) suffer from this most common problem (machine deceleration).

The majority of people tend to spend hundreds of dollars in new hardware equipments. They constantly perform upgrades. So if you are one of those people than I apologize for what I am going to say, you are a fool! And you will probably realize yourself (after reading this article). Anyways… at least now you know and this will save you hard cash on you next upgrades.

You really do not require buy any sort of expensive hardware equipments (upgrades) in order to accelerate your machine!

In this article I will give you three ways, in how you can regain the speed and performance of your current machine without spending a cent! Here is how:

#1 Disk Cleanup: perform a disk cleanup; what this will do is that it will delete every single file that is clogging your hard drive. These files are: temporarily internet cache files, the recycle bin and files that were not been used for long periods of time.

#2 Disk Defrag: what disk defrag will do is that it will organize your machine files and folder like a library. This organization will facilitate the machine to execute the files fast, as it will make it easier to locate things upon user request. A disk defrag will free some of your current memory RAM.

#3 Registry Cleanup: no matter what you do, you should always keep your system registry clean! I cannot stress it further. Your system registry is the heart of your machine, so it is your duty to keep the smooth running heart of your machine.

Exactly what does the Registry do?

The system registry is a database that records every single modification made by the user. What this means is that every time you start your machine and install new piece of software or uninstall old software, this modification creates a key which gets tracked and inserted on the system registry.

Simple alterations such as changing the desktop wallpaper, opening a new word document and even listening to music. Every single thing we do! Is being recorded in the system registry. This is what is causing the slowdowns! 74 percent of world computers proved that they do not have a clean system registry!

Just think about it, how many times you done all these things? How many times you open and executed software? Hundreds! Or even thousands of times!

Now you realize the, after some time the system registry gets clogged with so many useless information. And no matter how much money you spend on costly hardware equipments (upgrades) you will never ever get satisfied with the speed and performance of your machine, unless you keep your system registry clean!

By lexutor

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