The Baffling Question of How to Speed Up My Computer

By lexutor Jun24,2022

The Baffling Question of How to Speed Up My Computer

Working long hours on the computer is doubly tiring if the computer is very slow. It also takes a lot of valuable time, not to mention the wasted electricity. Then the thought on ways how to speed up my computer begin to crop up. A diagnostic freeware available at the internet can be engaged to find out the causes of the sluggishness.

Many self-help jobs can be done to speed up the computer. Destructive Spywares, Adware, Trojan and Viruses are suspects to the torpidity. One of the first things to do when purchasing a computer system is to install good Anti-Virus software, but if this was not done, a free virus scan can be done on-line. Remember too that there are contaminations that can enter the system undetected by the installed virus guard. Its virus data base may not be updated and certain viruses may also not be known to the anti-virus.

Scanning the system for unwanted programs and viruses can proceed. Deletion of any contaminated file should be done if the anti-virus engine is unable to clean them. Important files could be the victims, but there is no choice but to remove them or risk a system crash. Viruses hide in the computer memory, and just like their ecology counterparts, they spread like disease. They affect the Random Access Memory (RAM).

If the virus scan yields no dubious file detections, the computer may then be weighted down by unnecessary files. It is time to clean-up the desktop. This may be the solution to the perplexity of how to speed up my computer.

Examining the Program Files might reveal the presence of software that is of no use. Just click the “Start” button of the taskbar then press the “Control Panel” and look for “Add or Remove Programs”. Software drivers may include other programs not to your knowledge. The prompts of installation discs generally recommend “Express Install” over the “Custom Install”. Express install downloads everything from the driver in contrast to the custom install that have choices to set-up.

When programs are installed, connections to the Operating System (OS) are established whether such programs are used or not. It slows down the system every time the computer is rebooted. Removing them frees up disc space that leaves the RAM decongested. Consider the option of adding RAM memory hardware to the computer to elicit a more responsive system. Browse the internet for an additional RAM options.

In the event that the OS is not fully conformable with a hardware configuration, the system’s technical requirements must be referred to. The web can also give valuable information on this highly technical and sensitive matter. Nasty problems can be avoided if the system is properly configured. It is important to note that hardware devices and the computer system should work together. Slowness may just be a symptom to a more nightmarish problem. If the system configuration is well in order, it might be the ultimate solution to the baffling how to speed up my computer.

By lexutor

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