Why Computers Slow Down Over Time

By lexutor Feb21,2022

Why Computers Slow Down Over Time

Over time, almost all computers begin to start slowing down. Although the obvious answer may appear to be simply because ‘the computer is getting older’, it is wrong. It is impossible for a computer to slow down because it is becoming more dated, simply because what it Is built with, will always say the same.

Even though most of the time computers do slow down over time, it is not simply because it is getting old. There is a large number of reasons why a computer may be slowing down, and I am going to explain what the most common reasons why a computer may be slowing down, and a simple solution which could be put into operation to actually speed up your computer.

Overload of Programs

This is probably the most common, and biggest contributor to a computer performing slowly. Almost everyone has programs on their computer which they simply don’t use, yet they take up so much memory and CPU from your computer.

Solution: Uninstall any programs which you feel you will never have any use for again.

Task Tray Processes

Again, this is another very common contributor to a computer slowing down. More often than not, there is programs actually running on your computer ‘behind the scenes’ if you put it that way. In your task tray, they is usually programs actually running on your computer, and they won’t appear in the usual position for an open program. Furthermore, most of the time the programs which are running in the task tray are not even being used!

Solution: Close any programs which you are not using which are running in the task tray.

Too Many Operations

You should only have programs running on your computer if you are actually using them. Many people have a large number of programs open on their computer when in reality, they are only open because the person think ‘I may need this program later’. You should only open and close programs as you use them, and they should not be ‘preserved’.

Solution: Only open programs when you need them, and close any open programs which you are not using.

Low Memory

For you computer to run at it’s fastest possible speed, it has to have as much free memory available as possible. This means, that if you have lots of files on your computer which are taking up a large amount of memory, then it could be contributing to your computer running slowly. You should only have files on your computer which you feel you will use again.

Solution: Go through your documents, and delete all files which you feel you feel you will have no use for ever again.

All of the points I have listed above are the main causes of a computer performing slow over time. As you use your computer, the more junk which will make it’s way on to it, and that is why it feels like it’s your computers ‘old age’ which is making is slow.

If you manage to complete the steps above, your computer will almost certainly be performing faster. However, if is still performing slow, then the chances are is that your computers technical specifications simply aren’t up for the job!

By lexutor

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