3D TV Reviews

By lexutor Nov 28, 2021

3D TV Reviews

After so many years in the unknown, 3D TV technology has finally come of age in the past few years and is getting ever more popular. Of course, it all began in the cinemas many years ago, but now, many movies are being released in high quality in 3-D giving movie fans the ever more exciting way of watching movies!

Gaming has also become a big part of the 3 D industry and now many games are being developed in the latest 3D technology. In this article, I shall cover a few 3D TV Reviews including 3D gaming, movies and TV.

Samsung 55 Inch 3D LED HDTV with Blu-ray Player Built-In

This new 55 inch TV which has been brought to us by Samsung has all you need to start enjoying you new 3D experience in your home. In addition to the TV being 3D, it is also 1080p HD quality, which means if you are a lucky owner of a 1TB Sky HD Box then you will be able to use it to watch HD quality movies on your 55 Inch Samsung 1080p HD TV. It also comes with a 3D Blu-Ray Player, the 3D Glasses and a 3D Blu-Ray Movie disc included.

This would definitely be my top pick for big movie fans!

3D Movies and Gaming

Why buy a whole new TV with dedicated 3D technology when you could just go for the option of a set of nVidia GeForce glasses, which not only allow you to watch movies in 3D from your HDTV setup, from a blu-ray player or from your PC, but, these glasses can also convert 2D games into 3D for an even more exciting gaming experience.

The 3D Projector

For the ultimate in home 3D experience for watching either movies or gaming, what you really need is a 3D Projector! The 3D Projector can’t convert to 2D, so if you are wanting to watch movies in 2D, you will still need to buy the TV but, for 3D experiences, the 3D projector really is amazing.

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